Welcome to Bioelectrics 2020!

We cordially invite you to attend the 17th International Bioelectrics Symposium (Bioelectrics 2020) in Eindhoven, The Netherlands from September 20 to 23, 2020. The symposium presents a forum for the discussion on research and applications with respect to the interactions of electrical stimuli with living cells, such as in particular pulsed electric fields and non-thermal plasmas.

Research topics and applications covered are:

  • Biological responses (molecular, subcellular, cellular and intercellular)
  • Biophysics and biochemistry of interaction mechanisms
  • Modelling and simulation of exposures and effects
  • Diagnostics, analytics, experimental techniques
  • Exposure devices and methods
  • Cancer treatment and tumor ablation
  • Disinfection, decontamination, hygiene
  • Cell and tissue stimulation, wound healing
  • Biomass processing and biofuel generation
  • Food safety and food preservation
  • Agricultural crops and farming
  • Biomedical application

We look forward for your participation and meeting you in Eindhoven!

Guus Pemen
Eindhoven University of Technology
Conference Chair

symposium registration
 symposium registration